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Infants love to be active. Just give them the space and opportunity. For the three- to six-month-old, here are some suggestions:

1. Turn-over games. Babies never tire of being turned from front to back, and back to front, and on and on.

2. Kicking toys attached to the sides of his crib are great fun.

3. Putting him on the floor or in the playpen as often as possible allows him to creep and rock.

4. Get your baby up on his feet. He loves to stand supported. This develops leg strength and improves large muscle coordination.

Between six and twelve months, there’s a tremendous advance in physical development – standing, crawling, cruising and walking, wrestling and tumbling are wonderful exercises. Less carrying around, and more cruising and walking will make him stronger and more agile. Encouraging exercises early on will make it much more likely that your baby will continue to be physically active later on in life.

Dr. Alvin Eden is chairman of the department of pediatrics at Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn and associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Cornell University Medical Center. Dr. Eden has authored several books including “Positive Parenting” and “Healthy Kids”.


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