Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2017

Geek Out! Family is a wonderfully fun and interactive game to play with family and/or friends, kids and/or adults. Since that pretty much covers everyone you can rest assure you will have a great time. Geek Out! Family is not unlike other trivia games you have played but it tosses in a unique, fun twist: you have to “outbid” your opponents before you start answering questions and you must reach that number to score. Don’t be put off by the “Geek” factor. You don’t really need to be a geek on any particular topic to be successful at this game. If you love fun facts/trivia in any the following subjects: art, music, history, science, pop culture, words and literature you’ll have lots of fun. This game is your chance to show off your knowledge and out-geek your friends and family. The instructions are easy to read and straightforward. The topics never get old as there are over 720 lists. There is no limit to the number of players that can join in on the fun and game length can be as short or as long as you like.

Recommended Age: 8 and Up

Price: $20.00


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