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During the first year of life, a baby goes through a series of stages of physical coordination that won’t be repeated. It is fascinating to watch this human development, this urge to be upright, to stand, to walk. It is a strong and exciting human urge that defies almost any attempt to stop it.

• Physical development in infants in general works from top to toe. First there’s control of the head, then the trunk (sitting up), the body (standing), and finally, the legs (walking).

• It’s common for a child to pull up to a standing position and then cry because he or she is unable to return to the sitting position. It’s a frustration that lasts about three weeks until a child learns to drop. So don’t get angry over having to help out repeatedly during this period, it will pass.

• You can help your baby walk by holding the baby’s torso, rather than the arms or legs for support. Encourage walking in an area where the floors are not slippery or too hard for falls.

• Do take the time to mark these milestones on a calendar, a journal, or in a baby book. These wonderful, unforgettable events can all too soon be forgotten.

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