Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2016
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2016

You’ve probably heard the phrase “easy to learn but a lifetime to master”. In the case of Hive that’s probably the best way to sum up one of the most unique and ingenious games we have seen in quite some time. We could try to tell you that it’s a little like Chinese Checkers or Chess or Stratego but that would be misleading. Hive stands on its own as a superbly conceived game that is not for everyone but if it connects with you, trust us you will be hooked. We don’t want to scare you, the rules and gameplay are a lot easier than the directions make them seem, probably why some testers shied away, that was their loss. Games are quick (10-15 minutes), there are no electronics or even scorekeeping. It does require that players bring their best critical thinking skills to the table. The tiles are made of a high-density plastic that will last virtually forever. The different insect designs on the tiles are engraved deeply in such a way that they will not wear out. The bag that houses the tiles make this game easy to travel with. With no game board, Hive can be played anywhere there is a flat surface.

Recommended Age: 8 years and up

Price: $33.10


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