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There are a number of things you can do to reassure your child who is having separation anxiety.

First, call your child as often as you reasonably can during the day from work so that she has contact with you, and, let her know you’ll be doing this.

If possible, on a weekend, or during a work day, let her come with you to see where you are working. Make it an outing!

Have your child give you some artwork to take into the office and when possible, have a picture of you at work that she can have. This will give her a sense of your place.

In the beginning, limit your evening and weekend times away from your daughter. And perhaps explore some play-group options that your child’s caregiver can take your child to.

Also, this is not a guarantee, but I’ve always liked to do this — you can take some time with your little one, right before you leave, and open up the palm of your child’s hand, give them a kiss in the palm of her hand, then close up their little fingers, and tell them that “now they has a kiss from mommy to hold on to and have for themselves” (if they starts to feel lonely or miss you) until you get home!

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    How much time is recommended for parents to spend with their child during his/her awake hours of the day (according to various age levels) to allow for their best shot at healthy emotional & intellectual development and doing well in school?

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