Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2016
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2016

Who doesn’t like soft, cuddly stuffed animals? After two months of testing, we can once again report that the answer is, no one! Huggers are well-made, very well stitched, soft, plush, animals that have adorable faces and big outstretched arms ready to hug your child. Wild Republic creates these stuffed friends in a wide variety of animals, so you’re sure to find a favorite. The arms work like snap bracelets that easily wrap around just about anything. It stays put on backpacks, purses, shopping carts, on your child…. anywhere. It also hugs whatever it’s hugging passionately, so passionately in fact that you have to really work to un-hug. We never had an instance where the Hugger fell off its huggee. Parents felt that this cute little toy could adorn gifts like vases, coffee mugs, gift baskets, etc. With its low suggested retail price, it’s ideal for stocking stuffers, party favors and more.

Recommended Age: 1 to 7

Price: $7.99


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