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This may be the first time you’re hiring someone unless you’ve had personnel experience at work. It’s natural to be a little ill at ease at first, but keep in mind that the person being interviewed is nervous too.

• Begin with small talk to get acquainted. In an initial phone call introduce yourself, briefly state your needs, and talk about your due date. If appropriate set up an appointment, but don’t rely on this pre-interview call for your final judgment.

• Pose open-ended questions to gain insight into the person’s values. Ask about other children that’s she’s cared for, what she found most difficult, her feelings or policies about spanking, bottles, pacifiers, even toilet training. Don’t hint at your own feelings initially or you may be told just what that person thinks that you want to hear.

• Make a point to also check your sitter’s references after the interview.

• If this person will be caring for child in your home do outline the terms of employment.

• If you know at the end of the interview that you do not want to hire this person, it’s okay to say politely, “Thank you, but I don’t think that this would be the right arrangement for me.”

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