Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2015
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015

Jungle Jumparoo
Testers have told us that when starting the assembly of something as big as Jungle Jumparoo there is always the concern that the building process will be overly complicated with missing pieces, etc. Not the case with Jungle Jumparoo. Testers had high praise for the ease with which this big activity set was assembled. Once completed the structure was sturdy and parents felt safe letting their kids have at it. After a few weeks of play the powerful appeal of the Jungle Jumparoo did not fade. Kids returned time after time to try new tricks or just to see how high they could jump. Durability was very impressive as the inflated inner tube never showed any signs of wear or deflating. Testers believed that, providing there was a soft ground-cover underneath, this would be a great addition to any school yard, public park, local fair or carnival.

Recommended Age: 2 and up

Price: $399.00


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