Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2014
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2014

For children there is something magical about a space they can call their own, one that is sized just right for them and not grown-ups. Kidoozie has crafted a Pirate Den Playhouse that was made to order. The space inside the tent is big enough for two toddlers to set up camp and not in cramped quarters. They can stand up and move about inside this tent. Parents (and kids) really liked the two windows. Even when they close the door/curtain, they can still see outside. Parents told us that often with plastic products like this there are bad smells to contend with when it is first opened. That is not the case here. All reports received were that setup was a breeze. Finally, the color and design is very appealing and drew children to it over and over again.

Recommended Age: 3 and Up

Price: $29.95


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