Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2014
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014

What a surprisingly fun and creative board game. None of our testers expected to have so much fun with a potty-based gameā€”but almost every single one was thrilled with what they discovered inside. Game pieces are made of thick, durable cardboard with great graphics on both the pieces and the board. Everything makes the experience feel like a celebration of achievement. To play, follow “Rolly” the toilet paper roll from the front yard, through the house and to the bathroom. Each of the game cards features an adorable drawing and a funny poem. The poems are really quite inspired and elicited loads of laughs. The game does a marvelous job of dissipating the fears and apprehension your child might have around using the potty and turns it into a fun and exciting time. It also teaches important lessons about hygiene including washing hands afterwards and making sure to flush the toilet.

.Recommended Age: 2 and Up

Price: $24.99


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