Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2017

If you have a little pet lover at home but aren’t ready, or in position to take on the considerable responsibility of adopting a real one, perhaps My Dream Kitten could fill the bill until circumstances change. The squeals of excitement from our little testers when they first laid eyes on Cuddles’ packaging were, let’s say, enthusiastic. And why not? Cuddles is really cute and fluffy and, as testers learned when they freed her from her cage/box, that even though it has a sophisticated mechanism inside to help it move and make sounds, it is still quite cushy and comfy. Cuddles is more like a plush toy, your child really can go to sleep cuddling with it. There is a nice weight that helps makes it feel closer to the real deal and makes you want to keep holding it. Its eyes open and close as it purrs and meows, and the movement, for a machine, is remarkably realistic. Its head tilts to the side when it purrs and its tail moves as well in a friendly, non-robotic way. OK, the noise of the mechanism gives it away, but the movement is still something to see. For parents looking for a Wow gift at the holidays or a birthday, Cuddles will deliver.

Recommended Age: 5 and Up

Price: $64.99


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