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It’s important to look upon punishment as corrective, not retaliatory. You want to educate your child, not get even with him or her.

• The form of punishment should be appropriate for a child’s age and behavior. For example, many feel that a child over a certain age (perhaps seven or eight) should never be spanked.

• It’s important to have punishment occur as soon after an offense as possible. Don’t use the “just wait till Dad gets home” threat.

• Let logical consequences do the job of punishment for you when you can. If a door is left open, with a loss of heat or cooled air, set a fee for the energy wasted. If a lunch box is lost, brown bag it.

•┬áMake realistic use of time-out periods. Remember that five minutes can be a long time to a six year old, but it’s really nothing to a preteen.

• Don’t fall into the overkill trap. Grounding for a day is as good a lesson as grounding for a month for any child over the age of ten.

• Don’t assign as punishment anything you want your child to like (such as reading a book), and don’t bring up the subject again once the matter is settled. It’s not reasonable to try a child for the same crime more than once.

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