Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2017

Looking for that elusive cool, “it” gift? If so you need to check out the Merge Cube. At $15, the price can’t be beat, plus the ooh and ahh factor will make this gift memorable for kids and adults. The Merge Cube is a physical toy that magically morphs into Augmented, Holographic or Virtual Reality that you hold in your hand! The Cube works with apps you download to your smartphone or tablet. (You can, but don’t have to, use VR glasses to really kick things up a notch) Numerous apps can be downloaded and when you start you’ll be amazed at the whole new world that appears before your eyes. Merge has its own apps but a simple Google search turns up loads more that are educational or fun or that dynamically showcase the capabilities of the Merge Cube. Some favorite apps of our testers included Mr. Body, Merge Things, Piranha, and more. Made of durable hard compressed foam the Cube withstood a lot of use and abuse over the two months we had with it. Testers were excited to be among the first to discover Merge Cube. They described it as having a sneak peek into the future of toys. It’s not all there yet but the potential is limitless and the price is great.

Recommended Age: 10 and Up

Price: $14.99


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