Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2013
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013

Playmags are a truly remarkable open-ended building toy. One of the most popular submissions of this testing period kids and parents alike were captivated and couldn’t stop building and endless variety of shapes, structures, you name it. Each person brought their own imagination, creativity, originality and resourcefulness. The set comes with 100 brightly colored, translucent pieces. There are triangles in three different sizes and two square sizes. Magnets are inserted inside the edges and that’s about all you need to know. The magnets are strong enough to construct pretty solid structures, These pieces got a real workout but never broke or shattered. Parents noted that while the basic idea is building and playing they saw that their children were learning physics, geometry, math, spatial reasoning and architecture without even knowing it.

Recommended Age: 3+

Price: $119.99


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