Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2016
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2016

“Portable Baby Sound Machine”
An adorable sound machine and ideal great travel toy, Big Red Rooster really impressed testers. This is a small plastic monkey about five inches long with a plastic chain attached to the top. This monkey is equipped with a speaker and buttons on its belly. Two of the buttons are for volume and one is for length of time that the monkey will stay on. Parents can choose between fifteen minutes or thirty minutes. The rest are familiar fun sounds that babies enjoy including heartbeat, ocean waves, lullaby, white noise, and rainfall. They provide a good cover for other noises that might startle or wake a sleeping baby. It can be hooked onto the handle of a car seat or stroller so that it can travel wherever the baby is trying to sleep. The designers really thought of everything including making sure that the on/off button has to be pressed for at least three seconds. Why is this a great feature you ask? So that is won’t turn on accidentally and waste the batteries. Parents felt the price point was just right.

Recommended Age: 0 to 3

Price: $19.99


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