Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2017

Some new parents are reluctant to use a baby monitor that requires them to carry around another device. Let’s face it, we’re already carrying plenty of electronics these days. The Project Nursery Wi-Fi Baby Monitor doesn’t add to your device load, in fact it works with the one you always have with you, your Android or iPhone smartphone. Just turn on the app and you have complete control to check in on your baby, sweep around the nursery with the panning feature, talk to and soothe your baby, play lullabies (or white noise) and even take pictures and video! That’s right you can take a picture then send it to a loved one via text or email or show the world by posting it on social media. If you have more than one camera you can switch views easily. We have a few grandparents in our testing centers and more than once we heard mutterings “In my day”. We had to agree, these are remarkable times.

Recommended Age: Adult

Price: $119.99


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