Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2017

“Whoa, now THAT is cool!” We finally lost count of how many times we heard that from our testers, young and old, when they laid eyes on the RSF650. OK, it’s not exactly a catchy name, but without a doubt it’s an eye-catching new ride-on from Razor. This battery powered “motorcycle” was a tester magnet and the line up to take it out for a test ride was never-ending. This “toy” for your big kids, (please note the suggested age), will deliver the modified experience of riding a motorcycle but in a fashion that parents felt was in line with the safety they require. The big tires, with a road gripping tread, were among the first features to stand out to testers. The maximum speed of 20 mph is fast but well within the controllable level of most teens (helmets are mandatory!). This is NOT a street legal bike so unless there is an accessible park or open space nearby this might not be for you. Forget about tossing this in the back of your car, it is both heavy and cumbersome. The brakes worked flawlessly throughout our entire testing period and through hundreds of various sized riders. Perhaps the most impressive feature here is the battery. So often we have seen rechargeable lithium batteries offer tiny, bite-sized cycles. With a single charge, your teen will get 50 minutes of ride time. That is far longer than any other battery in the category. This is a big, expensive toy, that is not for everyone, but if you believe your teenager is ready for a ride like this, then you need to check it out.

Recommended Age: 16 and Up

Price: $599.00


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