Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2001
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2001

What its predecessor, Inspiration, did for introducing a new approach to tackling projects and ideas, Kidspiration now does for the younger set. Breaking the mold of linear thinking, start to finish, beginning to end, Kidspiration, invites exploration from a central idea with limitless branches of thought. Our testers, even those as young as five years old, grasped the concept with gusto. The project called All About Me, allows them to think about the things in their lives that matter to them. From family and friends, to school, hobbies, and other interests it was a fascinating exercise for both parent and child watching them fill and expand their ideas, not along a line but scattered with arrows connecting thoughts and ideas. The option to add pictures to the diagram really helped reinforce the connections. This is a unique system that requires an openness to new ideas, but our testers were quite enthusiastic.

Recommended Age: K thru 3rd Grades

Price: $69.00


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