Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2010
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2010

We have been reviewing Inspiration software for years now and still have never found a system that comes close to matching it remarkable ability to help students organize and communicate their ideas and concepts. The incorporation of web based tools that let students take notes and convert them into presentations really impressed our testers. No matter how you want to present your ideas, Inspiration seems to have a method to help. Want to create diagrams and outlines? Use bulleted slides or add some flair with graphics? No problem. A favorite of the Inspiration system continues to be the mind map which allow students to free associate ideas and then connect and coordinate them into a more cohesive picture. One your children graduate from elementary school, you will want to be sure to have Inspiration loaded and ready for your kids.

Recommended Age: 12 and Up

Price: $69.00


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