Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2013
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2013

Treasured Passages has designed a marvelous, creative and exciting new way to communicate with your child; In House Mail! The beautifully crafted box grabbed tester’s attention right away and they were eager to see what it was all about. Left in the hallway outside their door everyone was excited and delighted to get started. Parents learned that an acknowledgment note left in the mailbox, thanking them for contributions to the greater good of the household, went a long way. Included in the package are cute cards and encouragement tags. Siblings turned it into a game but also found it to be a fun way to express their love for each other, either with written notes, drawings, etc. Also introduced is the concept of the Treasure Fairy. This is in the instruction booklet for parents who quickly adopted the idea and learned how to have fun with a new magical character. Sometimes small gifts can arrive from the Fairy but just as easily they can come from Mom, Dad or a sibling.

Recommended Age: 3 and Up

Price: $36.00


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