Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2015
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2015

“SLEEP Bedrail”
Munchkin’s Sleep Bedrail impressed testers on a variety of levels but the ones most frequently mentioned were the superb quality, functionality and design. From the stability and ease of use to the washable fabric and it’s colors, they found it to be a winner. The frame of the Bedrail is extremely durable and secure. The mesh design was appreciated by testers who liked that it was breathable but not thin enough to rip. There are straps to harness the Bedrail to the mattress. These straps can be adjusted to fit either the length or the width of the bed. Testers liked that it folds down, which makes getting in and out of bed really easy. Parents told us that they feel much better having a quality railing on their child’s bed instead of improvising and lining pillows up along the base of the bed in case they roll out. Parents reported that even the most “active” sleepers were kept safely on the bed throughout the night.

Recommended Age: 2 to 5

Price: $60.00


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