Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2015
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2015

Many of us know Smithsonian as the venerable institution that is a “must see” when in Washington DC. Visits there are eye opening, engaging and informative. Silver Dolphin has teamed with the Smithsonian to cram an incredible amount of age-appropriate content into a sturdy box filled with the kind of fascinating information that has become the signature of the brand. Categories include Outer Space, US Presidents, World Wonders, Biomes and Ecosystems and many more. The cards are made with thick glossy paper so they are durable and can withstand lots of use. Each card is an adventure, with colorful pictures on the front and on the reverse side you’ll find more pictures and a facts about the topic. The information is straight and to the point with not too much on each card. Reading, sharing and discussing these 275 cards became a family activity in many homes whether at the dinner table, during car rides or at bedtime. Parents told us that these cards sparked a desire to learn more which led to online research. Testers were thrilled that a set like this could ignite that level of excitement and hunger for learning.

Recommended Age: 7 and Up

Price: $19.95


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