Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2015
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2015

As parents we try our best, and oftentimes fail, to keep our child away from screens as much as possible, so any time spent with books is a blessing. Testers were delighted to discover this amazing book and encouraged other parents to make sure it is on your shelf for a variety of reasons. The quality was superb in that it is sturdy and the pictures were brilliantly vibrant, appealing, attractive and captivating. You can browse through it, or use it to look up certain things. You can read the text together with your child or they can just look at the pictures. Like everything else with the Smithsonian it’s extremely thorough, well done and classy. The excitement of the content and pictures encouraged reading and made kids eager and enthusiastic to see what was next. This book promotes a foundation for a love of science, nature and all things outdoors. One tester summed this book up nicely: “You know that book you held onto from childhood and still hold onto for sentimental reasons? This can become that book.”

Recommended Age: 4 and Up

Price: $14.95


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