Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2017

A Star Wars model? Say no more, kids and parents were All In! This snap together product is well constructed with no rough edges and it goes together really easily. No messy, smelly glue is needed. The instructions were very simple to follow, and the plastic parts were actually quite forgiving. The finish of the pieces is excellent and testers told us it was a pleasure to build. This is a real step forward from models of the past. The ingenuity of the product is outstanding. After the model is completed, it can be played without the worry of it breaking. The toy proved itself to be very sturdy and able to handle rough play throughout two months of testing. All the movable joints moved freely and smoothly. The sounds are very realistic and it has a great range of motion. The model had just the right amount of tension in the joints so that you can set any position and the pieces will stay in place until you move them. For design, construction, durability and fun this got very high marks from our testers.

Recommended Age: 8 and Up

Price: $24.99


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