Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2014
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2014

The real beauty of software like StoryBoom is in the way it brings reluctant writers out of their shell. Using methods and techniques that make it fun to move stories along and excite children about the process, StoryBoom delivers the goods. Of course being able to add images and make stories more like a graphic novel was a big help as well. Once the story is complete there is the option to have your child record it so that it can be read aloud as a narrative. Parents were thrilled with the enthusiasm their children showed about writing. The creativity didn’t stop when they were away from the computer either. Lots of parents told us that once the juices started flowing that ideas were coming whenever and wherever they were. Kids couldn’t wait to get back to the keyboard and either add to the story, edit something or include a new element to their story.

Recommended Age: 8+

Price: $59


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