Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2014
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2014

Switchcrafted, The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween
Are you ready to start a fun, new holiday tradition in your home? Switchcrafted is a Halloween-based storybook that gives children a whole new insight into witches and their role in the holiday. The hard cover book features beautiful illustrations and images of witches who aren’t the least bit scary (no warts or long hooked noses). It is a delightful shared reading experience. The premise behind the book and the new tradition is that witches and their world are kept alive with candy. It’s how they heat their homes and get their brooms to fly. These witches enter into a pact with good children to exchange the candy they collect on Halloween night for toys. How do they know if they have been good? Well, there is a witch doll included in the package that you can place strategically in the house to let children know that they are being watched. The bigger concept here is the fact that Four Boys Industries has come up with an ingenious vehicle for getting kids to reduce their Halloween candy consumption, something that parents do battle with every October 31st.

Recommended Age: 3 to 11

Price: $29.99


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