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Depending on who you speak with, some people would say it should not reach greater than 120, while others will say not greater than 140 beats per minute. I tend to take the middle road and say about 130 beats per minute. Now this is all taking into account that you are healthy and have no complications of pregnancy which would prohibit you from doing a workout.

The most important thing to remember while working out during pregnancy is to avoid becoming overheated. When your body core temperature increases, it can cause problems to the baby. I recommend not working out for over 20 minutes at a time to avoid becoming short of breath. You should be able to carry on a normal conversation with the person next to you while you work out – you should not be gasping for breath in between.

Again, before doing any strenuous exercise in pregnancy, consult your obstetrician to determine a good exercise plan for you. You can also contact certain workout clubs in your city, such as Jane Fonda’s Pregnancy Workout, which has a good track record for their pregnancy workout programs.

Peter Weiss is a Beverly Hills-based obstetrician/gynecologist and leading advocate for mother’s-to-be. A member of the Royal Society of Medicine and an assictant clinical professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Weiss’ writing have appeared in numerous parenting publications nationwide.


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