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Holiday 2015
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2015


“The Force Trainer II”
How cool is The Force Trainer II? Let us explain exactly how it works and we’ll let you decide. To begin, you must have a full sized iPad version 2 and up. After assembling the unit and downloading the app you place the iPad on top. Then you take the adjustable headset and place it on our head so that the contact points hit three specific spots, on your forehead and behind the ears. Now you are ready young Padawan. Switch on the iPad and watch in awe as a hologram of Yoda appears in front of you. By now you surely feel the Force stirring deep within. Yoda welcomes you and assigns you tasks that you accomplish using, what else, the Force. In this case your mind. By concentrating (there is a level meter that shows how focused you are) you can move items on the screen. Light Sabers move at your command, X-Wing’s fly, you get the idea. It does take practice and more than a few testers had a hard time focusing, got frustrated and gave up. That is something to consider as a parent before plopping down over $100. But come on…how cool is that?

Recommended Age: 8 and Up

Price: $119.99


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