Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2017

After spending some time with Vomit Varmints (no, seriously that’s the name), parents told us that they thought this product was a standout winner. What makes this product noteworthy is the quality of the cloth used. It is exceptionally soft, the construction is superb and it is durable, keeping its softness through multiple washes. This burp cloth is also just the right thickness for cleaning up messes with a balanced level of flexibility and absorption. The bright variety of colors and complementing prints on either side really appealed to parents. Parents said they would buy this product for these reasons. One thing parents were not thrilled with was the previously referred to name. Vomit, retch, spew, or terms of that sort struck them as pointlessly juvenile. They felt that given the cute, soft, high-quality design, the product stands on its own and didn’t need the gimmicky title.

Recommended Age: 0 to 9 months

Price: $16.00


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