Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2017

He’s baaack! The toy that sparked one of the most notorious consumer frenzies in history has returned. Our parent testers (in all probability, recipients of those first edition Elmo’s), were delighted to find that they could actually buy a Tickle Me Elmo for their little ones. They were also impressed with the quality of this new version, from Elmo’s soft fur to the sturdiness and placement of the buttons which are ideally placed for little hands. The directions to get Elmo going are as easy as the flip of a switch in Elmo’s back. It’s also just as easy to turn Elmo off and hide the battery box. The bottom line with this new edition Tickle Me Elmo is that he still delivers all the fun, smiles, laughs and giggles that he did back in 1996. For parents who spoke fondly of their Tickle Me Elmo memories, as well as the hours they spent watching him on Sesame Street uttering his famous catch phrases, the memories came flooding back in an instant. Based on that we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that millions of Elmo’s are opened up on Christmas morning.

Recommended Age: 18 months to 4 years

Price: $29.99


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