Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2015
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015

Parents were over the moon about this memory making toy/game. Time in a Box is a set of 96 suggested activity cards. It is clear that the goal of the game’s creators is to get families to slow down and spend quality time together. It all starts with a simple agreement between you and your child that one of the cards must be completed on the chosen day and that it is to be done with the parent (siblings may join in too). It works by the child/children pulling out a card that then the family completes together. The activities on each card are well thought out and creative. Parents especially liked how they suggest different activities that are broad enough so that they appeal to a wide range of children’s interests. There is a “done” checkbox and a space to write a brief note about the experience. Parents told us that they relished the opportunity to put away all devices and just be present with each other. As you complete the memory making exercise be prepared for your kids to beg to do another.

Recommended Age: 6 and Up

Price: $17.95


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