Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2017

Tiny Polka Dot is an absolutely fabulous new game that both surprised and delighted testers. The description of the game as being math-centric should not deter any arithmetic-phobes, there is nothing but fun inside this tiny box. The eight game options are quite diverse and playing levels can be easily adjusted for age and ability. Follow the rules to the letter for little ones or mix things up for more advanced players like adding a speed component. Tiny Polka Dot math cards are sturdy and well made. They are easy to grasp and thick enough for young hands to hold. There is lots of fun packed in here but also a nice amount of thinking and calculating. Parents told us that there is nothing better than watching the ah-ha moments of a child who has just figured out a math concept. What testers liked most about Tiny Polka Dot is that it is a little box (read: perfect for travel), with loads of interesting options. If you thought that math could not possibly be fun, be prepared to have that belief shattered.

Recommended Age: 3-8

Price: $14.95


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