Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2016
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2016


“Today’s Song by Babsy B and Friends”
The songs and poems you will find on the Today’s Song CD are both fun and catchy. Babsy B. and Friends have created a CD full of tunes that are appealing to children, parents, and teachers. There’s a nice variety of musical styles and rhythms that keep the CD feeling fresh and interesting. Many of the songs are sung by kids, which is fun for the kids who are listening to the CD and helps inspire them to sing along. Some of the songs can get kids up on their feet, dancing and clapping, while others are more soothing. The subjects of the songs and poems are very appropriate for the recommended age group. Some are explicitly educational, such as learning about the days of the week or different kinds of animals. Others address common issues for the toddler and preschooler set, like how it feels to have to wait. It also addresses body awareness and positive interactions with others. Great for listening during a road trip, as background music at home, or during instructional time in a classroom.

Recommended Age: 0 to 5

Price: $15.00


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