Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2016
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2016

Think of all the building toys your kids play with, OK now imagine blowing them up to life-sized versions big enough to actually play with. You are on your way to understanding Tubelox one of the most innovative toys we’ve tested. Tubelox gives your children the ability to build structures that are their life sized, so that after they are built they can really play with them. From moving cars and trucks to airplanes, houses, forts, chairs, tables and even rockets, we saw it all. The quality is superb with plastic parts that are not only sturdy but extremely well engineered. The holes for the connections line up perfectly and the spacing is exact so all the different parts can interface with each other and make it easy to construct. The ease that creations are made encourages children to rebuild over and over again. The instruction manual has over 30 design ideas and from there kids embraced the idea of letting their imagination run wild. Parents liked that Tubelox inspires inventiveness, engineering and problem solving as kids figure out how to create bigger and cooler toys they can play with.

Recommended Age: 5 and Up

Price: $249.00


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