Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2016
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2016

How do you improve on a classic like Play-Doh? Canadian based BOJEUX has created an alternative modeling clay and put it all in a single bucket along with a bunch of toys, including different molds and extruders to help your child create different shapes and elements. As far as modeling clay goes this is good stuff. We never saw it dry too quickly or get flaky or brittle. It even comes with instructions for rehabilitating the clay in case it does find itself a little dry. Its soft and pliable so it fits nicely into, and comes out of, the included molds easily. Testers said it was easier to use compared to the classic brand. What we found interesting was the reaction of parents to the various scents of the clay, they loved them! Cherry, banana, lemon, apple, and blueberry are very aromatic but not annoying. Mixing the colors not only creates new hues but new aromas as well. The bucket has plenty of space for carrying all the toys and clay containers, this keeps everything neat and tidy when play time is over.

Recommended Age: 3 and Up

Price: $29.99


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