Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2015
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2015

Parents were falling over themselves heaping praise on this terrific new Electric Sterilizer and Dryer. They loved how it turned the chore of sterilizing everything into a breeze. It is designed for anything that is meant to be thoroughly cleaned, you can put bottles, pump parts, nipples, pacifiers, etc. inside the Wabi to be sterilized and dried to perfection. This is truly a “Set it and forget it” device. Wabi Baby thought of so many things from a parent’s perspective, for instance, the system comes with tongs to safely remove hot items from the device. Nice touch. The settings allow you to just sterilize or just dry, giving you full control based on what is needed. Parents were very pleased with how clean and dry everything got. The ease of use, the quality of the design, functionality and build, together with being a really helpful tool for parents of young children made this is a lock for a Seal of Approval.

Recommended Age: 0-3

Price: $129.99


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