Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2016
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2016

There is something about toys made out of wood that brings out some of the most positive reviews from our testers. Perhaps it is the nostalgia or the quality of the workmanship. Whatever the reason Wishbone Wagon was the recipient of lots of tester love. It wasn’t just the wood that got high marks, parents also praised the rubber tires and the light metal handle with the comfortable spongy “grip”. Inside the wagon kids absolutely loved the steering wheel. The bright red paint is eye-catching and appealing. From a design perspective parents loved that this wagon is multifunctional (a classic wagon, a go-cart racer to push or foot-to-floor car…. think Flintstones). There is no doubt that this is a very expensive product. Nearly $300 is not insignificant when it comes to a child’s toy. Still, after two months of testing, the majority of testers did not find this to be an overwhelmingly negative factor due to the fact that, it in the end, this is an exceptionally designed product of quality that will last through many children and perhaps be passed down.

Recommended Age: 1 to 10 years

Price: $299


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