Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2014
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2014

Yamie Chess
The game of chess is timeless and yet at the same time it is viewed as intimidating to many. Yamie Chess does teach the game but it is so much more than just learning how to play chess. The boxed set starts with a comic book/workbook. This is a brilliant idea to hook kids. Using characters that are really chess pieces really worked on the connection. The way that each character was directly related to a chess piece helped kids understand what the purpose of the piece was, how it moves and its importance in the game. The comic book has a wealth of mathematical applications. There are associations with geometry, algebra, lots of problem solving, and a massive amount of critical thinking skills. The chess board is of fine quality and looks like a standard chess set. Parents gave high praise to the creators who designed such an ingenious approach to teaching chess. Several teacher/testers told us that they would be using Yamie Chess in their classrooms this fall.Recommended Age: 5-13                Price: $29.95

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