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Holiday 2014
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2014

The Yoga Spinner is a wonderful game to introduce a child of any age to yoga. Many of us have discovered Yoga and understand that is a terrific way to keep your body flexible, strong and healthy. With this game testers discovered that their children could grasp the concepts of Yoga and even come to love learning all the moves and techniques. A central component of yoga, balance, is a great physical skill for children to develop. The instructions are quite easy to follow. Kids loved the spinner and were always excited to see what they will land on. The yoga moves are all pretty basic, some harder than others, but all doable for a child. Parents felt pretty confident that if they played it often enough, their kids would be ready for a real yoga class. This is a fun game to bond with your kids while doing something healthy and physically challenging.

Recommended Age: 6+

Price: $15.95


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