Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2015
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2015

ZB Freestyle Board
Tucker Toys has created an entirely unique product that is essentially a two-sided skateboard deck with an inflatable ball in the middle. None of our testers had ever seen anything like it but ALL of them wanted a turn. By including the inflation pin along with a cardboard cutout that shows how much you should inflate the ball, the process of putting this together was effortless. The ZB Freestyle Board requires a good degree of balance and testers appreciated the textured surface and grip tape on the deck. Kids immediately began using it like a pogo stick, practicing stationary skateboard tricks from simple “ollies” to flips and 360-degree turns. The tricks that this board allows you to do are endless. Several moms told us that they use it as a balance board for their own workouts. Unlike a skateboard this can be used on almost any surface including indoors. Testers played with the board on both grass and hard surfaces having an equal amount of fun on both. It is easier to bounce higher on a hard surface but easier to fall on soft grass. There was one bone of contention that we must address, there is an instructional video on the Tucker Toys website that is quite helpful BUT hardly anyone in the video wears a helmet or protective gear. Parents unanimously agree that safety equipment should absolutely be worn when playing with the ZB Freestyle Board.

Recommended Age: 8+

Price: $39.99


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