Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2015
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015

If you think that popsicles created at home can only be in one or two shapes, think again! Zoku Character Pops literally break the mold. Well at least bend it. You see, the little red cylinder tub that you find inside the box contains a silicone mold that flexes to let you pull out perfectly formed pops. Our testers tried juice, smoothies, chocolate, and without fail, each and every time, they simply pulled the legs (no running under hot water) and a perfect frog (or bunny, or kitten, etc.), with all it’s fine little details, emerged. Practically no residue or juice is left in the mold. Kids found the legs were easier to hold than regular popsicle sticks. Once the head is eaten, a heart which is on the end of the legs is revealed, very cute. The molds are easy to clean and are sized just right to fit in any freezer.

Recommended Age: 3-Adult

Price: $7.99


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