Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2014
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2014

Zoob is back as a Seal of Approval winner and if you were to ask any of our staff they would tell you that it comes as no surprise at all. This is a fantastic building set and it just keeps getting better. Testers this time around were introduced and impressed with just how sturdy the colorful plastic pieces are. Each piece is movable so you can create an endless array of objects or creatures since each piece can bend or move in different ways. The instruction cards are a great launching point, filled with ideas of different creatures you can make so that your child can get used to how things connect. Which brings us to the packaging. Parents loved the fact that they could see the product before making the purchase and afterwards it easily holds all the pieces for simple clean up. Parents were confident that this set would last, not only through lots and lots of play but also would be passed down to younger siblings and relatives.

Recommended Age: 4+

Price: $52.99


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