Seal of Approval Winner
Fall 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2017


Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups is a sweet toy, especially for any child who loves dogs. These are cute little pups, Little being the operative word. Their small stature belies the fun and interactivity they provide. Zoomer Zupps have light up eyes and make noises like saying “I love you”, panting and barking (Note to parents: Yes, there is an off switch). While they are small and easy to take along this is not a toy for restaurants because of the aforementioned noises. They are also responsive to your child’s touch. The Zoomer Zupps is a series, this means there is a good chance that your child will want to start a collection. The colors and designs of the Tiny Pups are adorable and appealing. Each puppy has a different design and a name. They also come in a variety of breeds including a Beagle named Flare, a Retriever named Posey, a Husky named Barkham, and a Spaniel named Diva. The boxes they come in serve as venues for each Pup so that the play value extends beyond the toy itself. Parents suggested that these would make great stocking stuffers for the holidays.

Recommended Age: 4 and Up

Price: $14.99


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